Are you ready to TRANSFORM your body … with GUARANTEED results?!!

We here at Fitter Faster Stronger You, have developed a life changing fitness programme aimed at fat loss and muscular development, just like how we preach through our website. With this 28 Day Transformation, we GUARANTEE results within 28 days … or your money back!

………. You can’t lose!

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With this 28 Day Transformation package, you will get:

  • Unlimited access to our 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes per week
  • A full nutrition plan for the duration of the programme
  • 28-day food / training diary to monitor your progress
  • One free personal training session with one of our certified instructors

The classes

Our classes are like no other around. We focus on high intensity for short duration using functional equipment at our indoor facility (because no one wants to train in the park on a rainy Saturday morning right! All classes are led by a certified personal trainer who will push you to become the best you can be, every single class. Our equipment ranges from kettlebells to skipping ropes, sleds to battle ropes and punch bags to plyometric boxes.

Nutrition plan

As part of your transformation package, you will get a 28-day full nutrition guide to help provide you with the correct nutrients you will need to transform your body. Exercise alone just won’t cut it and we know how frustrating it can be to try and eat healthy. With this guide, we take the guesswork away, with real food recipes for you, giving you more time to focus on your goals rather than if you are eating the correct foods!

Training / food diary

Logging your progress and habits is such an underrated tool when starting on the path to a healthier you. Included in your transformation package will be a 28-day diary for you to log your food, training and thoughts. You will find this to be a blessing when you start your transformation and will find it makes such as huge difference in your goals.

One to one personal training session

An environment where you can train with other people is invaluable. Sweating, working and laughing together will not only build a stronger, leaner you, but it will also build bonds and friendships. That’s why our classes are focused around small group sessions for the amazing energy it provides. But, we also want to get to know YOU, on a personal level. That is why as part of your transformation, we will offer a free one to one personal training session with one of our certified personal trainers. You can tell us as much as you want, your goals, why you want to achieve them, questions on training and nutrition and of course, a training session with just us focusing specifically on what you want to achieve.

This entire 28-day programme is only *£69.00!!
That’s it. Less than £2.50 a day to get you on track to a fitter faster stronger you. And remember, if you don’t get results, you get your money back! So what are you waiting for?

This is not a typical gym, we don’t use typical gym equipment and you are not a typical gym member. You will be an athlete; from the moment you first start our programme for as long as you allow us to help you become the best athlete you can be.

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